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Laravel 5 Global Routing Package

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Laravel 5 Global Routing gives You possibility making own controllers and access to them via URL.
Similar feature was released on CakePHP.

Laravel – Simple Query Debug

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Sometimes We must check exactly what query was generated by Eloquent or DB. Unfortunately it's not simple as we can imagine.

The solution might be install laravel-debugbar, but if we want check only one query it's unnecessary to install it.

I'll give You very simple solution :)

Laravel 5 – Load ServiceProvider depend on .env file

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We have many situations when We need register some ServiceProviders only on development version depends on .env file
Ofcourse You can add entry to config/app.php. But on situation when You don't have Provider on production env it throws errors.
This kind of situation can ocures after adding entry to require-dev sectioncomposer.json file.

The solution is very simple and elegant. It saves our time and many trouble.