Sublime Text – Phalcon code completion

Łukasz Piotrowski Comments 0


    It's my first post in English. I will try to write more and more.
    Today I'll show you how to enable Phalcon code completion in Sublime Text 3.


    We'll need some stuff. Main and most important is Sublime Text :).
    Next we need get Plugin SublimeCodeIntel

    Ctrl+Shift+P -> Package Install -> SublimeCodeIntel

    After that we need download Phalcon Dev Tools. I'll show you how get it via GIT.

    cd ~
    git clone phalcon-devtools

    We downloaded Phalcon Developer Tools. There are many useful stuff: Unit Test examples, script to make skeleton our apps and many other.


    After get all required stuff let's configure our Sublime Text.

    Open SublimeCodeIntel User Settings:

    Preferences->Package Settings->SublimeCodeIntel->Settings - User

    and paste it:

        "codeintel_config": {
            "PHP": {
                "phpExtraPaths": [
                "codeintel_scan_files_in_project": true,
                "codeintel_max_recursive_dir_depth": 25

    You must change username home path in phpExtraPaths.

    And that's all. Sublime will suggest methods, namespaces and other things.